Let's Make an Album Tonight

by Shaky Voices




Shaky Voices is a lo-fi, late night jam session between Pavement and Pinkerton-era Weezer on a cheap, out of tune acoustic guitar that's missing the "A" string. The debut album, "Let's Make an Album Tonight", was recorded in a living room using an empty Dell computer box for a kick drum and a $5 Behringer microphone case for a snare drum. The title track recounts the countless Friday nights in which his first high school bands would cue up the boom box and create an entire album in one all night session. "Ken Griffey Jr.'s Rookie Card" extols the untainted magic of baseball and Upper Deck baseballl cards.


released 01 November 2009

SV: Vocals, guitar, cardboard box, mic case, shaker, tambourine

Recorded and mixed at home



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Let's Make an Album Tonight
Let's Make An Album Tonight

Feeling the need
For the deed
You know the one I mean
Where we lay down some tracks
Drums are smacked
Vocals st-st-stacked

Bought a tube pre
Off the net
For cheap
It's gorgeous with the
Lines that run deep
Copper wire
And magic noises

Bring your guitar and a mic
I'll bring that pedal you like
Let's make an album tonight
I got some extra heaphones
So that we can get tones
Let's cut an album tonight

So it's time to dust off
Your Fender
Practice amp 5-watt's of
Solid-state tone
Guaranteed to make's the ladies moan

Now all of the dreams
That I had
Come to fruition
When I see
The red lights
Glowing bright
This is my mission / Hit the ignition

Picks up vibrations
From the membranes/folds inside my throat
(we call it singing)

Then electrical charges move cones
that push the air into the
diaphragms inside our ears
producing/perceiving tones

Bring your guitar and a mic
I'll bring that pedal you like
Let's make an album tonight
Don't matter if notes ain't right
It's all about the vibe
Let's cut an album tonight

Bring your lava lamp
I'll burn the incense
Track Name: Grandview Memorial
oh, I think back to 10th grade
we'd sneak away to smoke
a cigar
I didn't even like them

this was a ritual of our youth
way up on the cemetery hill
in the middle of the (long) night

we'd talk about the future
and make predictions
about where we'd be in 10 years

those are the kinds of things we did
before we started doing things
like paying bills and working jobs

but I wish that I'd known when I was young
how I'd look back when it was gone
and realize things would never be the same again
as they were on...


way up on that big hill
above the city lights
out amongst the dead
I could see my life so clearly

Believe me I know the truth
There's no better place to hide
Than the glory of your youth

And I don't wanna make an excuse
And be self indulgent
And abuse the power of memory
Track Name: Ken Griffey Jr.'s Rookie Card
Put it on the wall
I hung it up myself
A thumb tack and some tape
And a little bit of help
From the dresser by my bed
Cleared off so I could stand
High enough to reach
The spot next to Pearl Jam

Ken Griffey Jr.'s on my wall
He's gonna bring me good luck when I play ball
I've got Ken Griffey Jr.'s rookie card
Mint condition without a mark

Saw it on the shelf
By Jose Canseco's card
I knew that it was mine
The decision wasn't hard
When I held it my hand
I trembled from the power
The magic scent of Upper Deck
It was my single greatest hour


Man, I love the smell of an Upper Deck card